Daisuki-Miki V.D. Egmato

Registered Name: Daisuki-Miki V.D. Egmato
Breeder: Egitte van Veghel
Owner: Hilkka Kemppi
Kennel: Van de Egmato
Sire: Roshi-Manyi V.D Egmato
Dam: Miki-Saiki V.D. Egmato
Call Name: Daisuki
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 5 NOV 2011
Day of death: 1 MAR 2014
Land of Birth: Netherlands
Land of Standing: Finland
Size: 52 cm (20.47 inch)
Weight: 20 kg (44.09 pound)
Colour: Black Sesame
Health HD: Too young
Health Patella: Too young
Distinguishing Features: -
Titles: FIW-12 FIJV-12 HEV-12 HEJV-12 BALTJW-12
Known Offspring:
Registration#: FI14739/12
Full siblings:
Banzai-Mikki v.d Egmato
Kaida-Miki van de Egmato
Katashi-Miki van de Egmato
Nanatsu-Miki v.d Egmato
Roshi JR-Miki v.d Egmato
yaru-miki van de egmato

Half siblings (sire's side):
Bushido-Michi van de Egmato
Demishstar-Michi van de Egmato
Futago-Michi van de Egmato
Fuujin-Michi Van De Egmato
Gaara-Gaia v.d Egmato
Hailey-Yasuji v.d Egmato
Hayato-Michi van de Egmato
Kenjiro-Yasuji v.d Egmato
Kenzo Kuma-Michi van de Egmato
Kisho-Michi van de Egmato
Maiko-Michi V.D Egmato
Mami-Yasuji v.d Egmato
Naomi-Michi van de Egmato
Natsuki-Gaia v.d Egmato
Neomy-Michi v.d Egmato
O'Cali Go Sakura Kensha
Oksana Go Sakura Kensha
Out of van de Egmato Nibiru Go Sakura Kensha
Sugoi-michi van de Egmato
Yuki-Uyuni v.d. Egmato

Half siblings (dam's side):
Akane-Miki V.D. Egmato
Chiyo-Miki van de Egmato
Kichiro-Miki V.D. Egmato
Kioko-Miki van de Egmato
Sashimi-Mikki V.D. Egmato


Daisuki-Miki V.D. Egmato
Roshi-Manyi V.D Egmato
Taro-Akashima V.D Egmato
Shunkou Go None Ishiyamasou
Yana-Nanako van de Egmato
Manyi-Sweety V.D Egmato
Tekai-Nanako V.D. Egmato
Hideharume Go Izumo Yanosou
Miki-Saiki V.D. Egmato
Ommi-Seium V.D. Egmato
Kazuhideryu Go Kazusa Okazawasow
Seiunhime Go Izumo Yanosou
Saiki Aka-Shima V.D. Egmato
Shunkou Go None Ishiyamasou
Yana-Nanako van de Egmato