Haru G'akira by wolves mountain Hailey

Registered Name: Haru G'akira by wolves mountain Hailey
Breeder: Esther Wiersma
Owner: Angela Bongarts
Kennel: Yoru no Hime
Sire: G'Akira by Wolves Mountain
Dam: Hailey-Yasuji v.d Egmato
Call Name: Finny
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 4 MAR 2020
Land of Birth: Netherlands
Land of Standing: Netherlands
Size: 40 cm (15.75 inch)
Weight: 15 kg (33.07 pound)
Colour: Black Sesame
Health HD:
Health Patella:
Known Offspring:
Finny had his first epileptic seizure at 8-10-2022. This was the only seizure so far.

Half siblings (sire's side):
Akira-Kaida v.d Egmato
Benjiro-Michi v.d Egmato
Bushi-Hayato van de Egmato
Djin-Kaida van de Egmato
Fuju-Michi v.d Egmato
Fuyuki-Michi v.d. Egmato
Geisha-Ikk van de Egmato
Hiyori-Ikk van de Egmato
Hoshi-Kaida v.d Egmato
Jiro-Ikk Van de Egmato
Kaira-Kaida v.d Egmato
Kaito-Ikkyu van de Egmato
Kichi-Michi v.d Egmato
Kiko-Ikk van de Egmato
Kyoshi-Ikkyu van de Egmato
Maiko-Ikk van de Egmato
Marla-Ikkyu van de Egmato
Michiko-Hayato van de Egmato
Miyuki-Hayato van de Egmato
Narumi-Neomy v.d Egmato
Nobita-Hayato van de Egmato
Odin-Kaida van de Egmato
Patser-Neomy v.d. Egmato
Quito-Kaida v.d Egmato
Reiko-Ikkyu van de Egmato
Uyuni-Hayato van de Egmato
Yuki-Kaida v.d Egmato

Half siblings (dam's side):
Daiki-Hailey Yoru no Hime
Freya-Hailey Yuro no Hime


Haru G'akira by wolves mountain Hailey
G'Akira by Wolves Mountain
Dayu-Sweety V.D. Egmato
Tekai-Nanako V.D. Egmato
Hideharume Go Izumo Yanosou
Imiko-Seium V.D. Egmato
Daiyuume Go Iyo Tsukasasou
Hailey-Yasuji v.d Egmato
Roshi-Manyi V.D Egmato
Taro-Akashima V.D Egmato
Manyi-Sweety V.D Egmato
Yasuji-Gaia van de Egmato
Yuu-Saiki V.D. Egmato
Gaia by Wolves Mountain